Monday, March 19, 2018

Some recent work!

Realized I haven´t updated this blog in forever. The move to instagram and facebook has affected that. Plus I´m working on a website. However, I´ll try to post some things here until the site is up and running.

Here are some things I´ve been working on as of late, if anybody still reads it ...

Here´s a new personal graphic novel. Don´t know when it will be released, as it´ll be quite long, and hand painted. But I want to share some pages from that one regardless.

This project is based on a movie from 2010 I worked on as a story contributor, creature designer and prop designer. I had lots of story laying around that was aching to be used, and finally I´ll be releasing the first of hopefully many graphic novels in the universe of The Trollhunter.

I´ve also started working more with abstract comics and whatever comes from that, and have had a couple of exhibitions the last years. The first big exhibition will come next year, but here are some results from what´s been going on already.