Wednesday, August 22, 2007

graphic novel/ short story collection next fall.

right. finally an update here. its been a while but it has its reasons: vacation is one of them. the other is because ive needed to get some things confirmed properly before i could announce them. and id still like to keep some things to myself. that way the blog becomes more interesting.

i can at least confirm one thing: next fall will see the release of my first Original Graphic Novel. it will come out through Egmonts Serieverket ( ) and editor will be Iselin Røsjø Evensen, my editor from the previous short story collections "Tusj". deadline for handing in the project is set to August 1st so its going to be a busy year for sure - but a fun one also!

the OGN is not really a novel, its a short story collection with some unifying topics that ties the book together and it looks like its due to be about 130 pages long.

there are also two other collaborators - two literary writers, in fact: Øystein Stene and Levi Henriksen have both contributed with a short story.

here´s a sneak peek of how "Geriljahjerte"(Guerillaheart) by Levi and myself will look.