Monday, March 19, 2018

Some recent work!

Realized I haven´t updated this blog in forever. The move to instagram and facebook has affected that. Plus I´m working on a website. However, I´ll try to post some things here until the site is up and running.

Here are some things I´ve been working on as of late, if anybody still reads it ...

Here´s a new personal graphic novel. Don´t know when it will be released, as it´ll be quite long, and hand painted. But I want to share some pages from that one regardless.

This project is based on a movie from 2010 I worked on as a story contributor, creature designer and prop designer. I had lots of story laying around that was aching to be used, and finally I´ll be releasing the first of hopefully many graphic novels in the universe of The Trollhunter.

I´ve also started working more with abstract comics and whatever comes from that, and have had a couple of exhibitions the last years. The first big exhibition will come next year, but here are some results from what´s been going on already.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Work in progress.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Monday, June 16, 2014


Darkly Uncomfortable it says .. in positive terms, nevertheless :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Releaseparty, exhibition and response for Stumtjener (Portemanteau)!

As the exhibition is coming to an end, I remembered I´ve been too busy to post anything from it. Many things have happened since then, and I´ve received several amazing reviews and have done some very nice interviews. Very grateful for this. I was also in Stockholm at the SPX there, and it was a fun experience. Even got rid of some books :) 

First some links:

Then some photos:

Review in Bergens Tidende!

My editor Erik has a nice opening talk.

Then it´s my turn.

Jump to the MoCCA-fest in April! With my friends Charles Paul Wilson III, who does the outstanding adventure book and NYTimes bestseller The Stuff of Legend, and Andrew Scott, author of Naked Summer and publisher of Sinkhole Press.



At the Stockholm SPX.

Prepping the gallery.


My friend Espen Jørgensen played some improvised music, interpreting the book with his guitars. Here´s a link to his soundcloud:

Quick chat with my good friend, director André Øvredal - of The Trollhunter.

Scratching my head, apparently.


Spectators. Grown up men and women. No kids!

The window.




Espen. Knee-deep in his own concentration.

Erik is still not done talking.

Ruining the windows.

The Poser.

Someone bought my books. Thank you!

Colleagues hanging out.

Signing to the musical version of the book.

Stockholm SPX.

People checking the originals.



Stockholm SPX.



Someone caught reading at the local bar.

Short interview.


My wife snuck in here ...



Me attempting to say something interesting.

Some kid about to be traumatized by the book .. sorry, mate, I blame your dad.


Spectators and good friends.

Need I say more?

Stunt-drawing on the window.




Stunt drawing.