Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pics from last years OCX ...

1 - Me and my belly ... having a stage presentation of myself. I swear there were people there.
2 - The Incomparable Tor Ærlig on the right, Iselin Røsjø Evensen, Super Editress of Egmont in the middle, yours truly on the left .. Tor and I are the only Norwegian graphic novelists publishing with Egmont, and we´re lucky to have Iselin, strict and gifted Editor, as our .. well .. Editor.
3 - Happy owners of signed copies of STOP.REC.FFWD - signed by me and Øystein Stene. 
4 - Tor and me signing. Felt humbled sitting next to Tor, who has so much more experience ... and fans ... Buy his books here!

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Cheers, yo!



Cesar Tafoya said...

I've been sporting one of those bellies lately too.

Håvard S. Johansen said...

Me too, even more ...