Monday, March 22, 2010

sent to the printer!

after three years of a slow and painful birth, stop.rec.ffwd has finally been sent to print, expected back mid-april, with a may release! iselin and sindre worked hard at the end to bring the optimum result, and i think its going to turn out beautifully! it´s a 208 page hardcover, with textured paper on the cover, 130g matte paper.

cover illustration by me, typography and layout by sindre


Andrew Scott said...

Congratulations, fella. I'm very happy to see this!

Can I order it here in the godforsaken USA?

Håvard S. Johansen said...

I´m content to be done, for sure. Going to look over proofs today or tomorrow from the printer. It probably won´t be available in the states, but might be possible to order online from over here. Or perhaps the english version will be out someday ;)