Wednesday, November 11, 2009

commission in progress.

so ive been asked to do a large piece illustration of my own choosing for a client. this is something ive been wanting to set aside time for for awhile, but now im able to do it. it fits neatly into my schedule of finishing up the book as well since it has no deadline.

i havent decided on the scale yet, but it will be fairly large, mostly done in ink and watercolor and mounted on a piece of either wood or aluminium. the topic bugged me and kept eluding me for a bit, but ive finally found something im comfortable with. one of the things i mostly struggle with is my inherent need to do something that pushes the boundaries, wanting to make something that makes you stop for and cock your head a little. the easiest thing to get this is of course to be provocative or just do something flat out weird. but then at the same time with something like this it has to be decorative. and since things that are only decorative and pretty tend to get fairly dull after youve looked at it twice, then i spent some time throwing sketches back and forth.

heres where im at now. i think ill follow this idea. format will be square, btw.

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