Saturday, March 15, 2008

back from work-retreat.

been away to visit my girlfriend in sweden - for a month. i was offline and loved it.. and got quite a good amount of work done on the book. its now back on track after having been writing on a screenplay together with eminent director andré øvredal - his link is to be found in the link section... under "a".. ehh..

anyways. i took the work to a certain part and then he took over, and it seems to be well on track to being made. cant say much more than that, im afraid:) so after i finished my dues on it for now, ive been diving into the book. deadline is in august/september, after all!

so here are some sneak peeks.. a couple of pencilled panels and a robot-illustration for an advertisement im designing.

also check back soon since ill be updating more regularly now.. and soon youll hear more about Oslo Comics Expo ´08 - which will be a KILLER expo this year!



felix Robert said...

achach...what a great drawing,the robotartist! It even has an early millenium apple-screen!
Hope to see more very soon. and publish that novel!!

Håvard S. Johansen said...

achachach! it´s not finito yet. soon it will be.. and then the novel...

Anonymous said...

Selvportrett? Enda en kul tegning.


Håvard S. Johansen said...

takkogkatt, sjef!